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About Matthew Lord

     Matthew is founder and President of Pierce Point Ministries.  Matt is a prophetic and healing minister moving in the seer anointing of the Holy Spirit with accuracy and power.  

     Matt's testimony started before he was born. It was a Sunday morning at church, and his mother started having unusual complications before her baby was due.  She realized that she was bleeding, a sign of serious complications and miscarriage.  Getting ready to be rushed to the hospital when the problem increasingly got worse.  An Evangelist/missionary along with pastor Jones prayed for her at the church because of the seriousness of the problem.  They laid hands on her and prayed as the power of God swept through her.  Supernaturally the Lord healed her and the bleeding stopped instantly, they knew that a miracle had taken place!  Later at the hospital the doctor was puzzled as to why the bleeding stopped and had no answer.  He expected a 7 month premature baby - but God had different plans - Matt went on to be a full term baby, even two weeks overdue!  The Lord spoke to her and said I want you to name him Matthew.  


    From that day Matt was marked by God.  At the age of 6, he would start to have unusual experiences in the presence of God.  At times he would be playing on the floor as young boys do and felt like someone was watching him, then great waves of peace would sweep over him as he ran out of the room unnerved, not familiar with the Lords presence.  When he reached the age of 7, Matt was overwhelmed with thoughts of knowing the Lord.  With nothing else on his mind but the desire to find God his mom told him the steps to receive Christ.  Running out the door with a heavy heart outside in the backyard, he followed step by step.  It didn't work, frustrated, he did it again until the third time he saw a fire came out of heaven into his burning soul.  So surprised at the flaming ball of fire and searing flame of God, that Matt ran, and ran because the joy and fire was so overwhelming.  It was the beginning of a new life in Christ to see and know Him.  Soon after He was saved, Matt was thrown in the fire of his calling, sensing the call to preach the gospel came with much testing.  He would have tormenting demonic experiences, till one day he had enough and cast them out, realizing that in Christ there is victory. It seemed one attack would come after another and questioned why everybody else was not experiencing what he did.  

      Matt new walk with the Lord began and Heaven seemed so near, there was times when Holy Spirit would come into his room and talk to him as a friend, laughing and speaking with Him.  Years later the call on Matt's life was being felt again, not knowing where to go after High School, he started to seek God for answers.  God answered him in a open vision and showed him a glimpse of his future, that he was called preach the Gospel to many.  Seeking to fulfill the call in his heart, he went to the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, where God revealed himself in a way that changed his life forever!  After months of seeking God in the atmosphere of revival, it was the perfect setup for a life altering encounter with the Lord!  It started while watching a revival video with fellow students in the main dorm room, the fire of God started to move and a blanket came on him with a hot, searing burning that made every pour in his body sweat.  For seven days the Holy Spirit rested on him to the place where he was fully intoxicated in the Holy Spirit.  Trying to do everyday things like talking and eating was very difficult. It was like night was day and day was night.  Everything was like a fog.  The thought that a shower would bring him to his senses turned out to be a bad idea as the Holy Spirit's presence would increase so much he couldn't stand.


    It launched Matt into the school of the Spirit, where the Holy Spirit became the Teacher.  Unnerved that the Holy Spirit was taking over,  Matt was losing control, and came the realization the God wants more of us, more than we realize we want to give.  For God to be in control, and for us to be on the same page, sometimes takes drastic measures.  With this fresh encounter with heaven the Lord started to teach Matt how to hear His voice, and walk in the Gifts of the Spirit moving in a daily supernatural life.  Encountering God was become a way of life, where the prophetic and relationship with Christ continued to flow, Matt came to the realization that God had called him into the prophetic, deliverance and healing ministry. Matt soon took steps toward the call and God has opened the doors.


    Matt has gone to many states through America and Nations preaching the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For a year he ministered at Camp America Ablaze in Alabama, a camp that reaches youth around the nations preaching and sharing the power of the cross.  Currently he lives in Colorado, traveling and speaking throughout the nation. 

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